ServiceDesk Lite

ServiceDesk Lite is 100% free Service CRM software to manage complaints & its closure details.
It comes with 3 free users.

Manage Complaints in 3 easy Steps

ServiceDesk Lite is simple, ready to use free Service CRM software, to manage your complaints leads in 3 easy steps.
Register Complaints, Assign to Service Executive & Close Complaints.

Login Screen

Login screen for ServiceDesk Lite.

Organization Menu

With organization menu one can access complaint managed menu. This includes registration for complaints, assigning of complaints to service executive and closing an complaints.

Once can also direct assign an complaint in registration screen.

In reports one can view all data.

Master Menu

Employee to manage users data along with login details.

Product mange product details along with price.

Admin Menu

You can manage Backup & restoration of data.

Employee (users)

Manage employee/users details along with login details.

Complaint Details

Register new & existing complaints along with customer and product details like Name, Address, Telephone No., Email, Product, Model, Complaint Details.

Simple Search

Quick search.

Assign Complaints

Get the list of unassigned complaints.
Assign the complaints to service executive.

Close complaints

Get list of open complaints.
Mark complaint close along with executive details and work done.


Organization – Report

User can view all sales executive data including masters.
User can view following data

Employee : Employee or users details.
Product : Product details along with price.

Complaint : All Complaints list along with customer, product details and complaints details.
Pending : Complaints that are open or pending.
Closed : Complaints that are closed along with customer , product, compliant and work done details.

Filter data by Date

Option to filter date by date.
All to view all data.
Custom for selected date period.

Filter data

Option to filter data on multiple column.

Quick Summary

Aggerate data for a quick summary like Average, Count, Maximum, Minimum & Sum.