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TimeTracker Lite is simple, ready to use Free Time Sheet software, that enables you to track time spent, on various project or activities and increase productivity.
Generally Professionals such as designers, consultants, architects etc, charge client on time and material basis, or on fixed cost. In both cases, it is important to track the actual time spent versus the estimated.
Hence they prefer to manage time sheets in excel, managing time in excel has its own limitation, it's tedious, less organized and information is not readily available.
TimeTracker Lite is useful for such professionals, who work on multiple projects, and find it difficult to track, time spent on each project.
download, install and get started
TimeTracker Lite is a simple application to start tracking your project time.
TimeTracker Lite can be used by professionals such as architects, lawyers, graphic designers, software developers or any consultants.

Introduction to free timesheet India

month view


Generally professionals work on multiple projects and activities. They charge client on time and material basis, or on fixed cost. In both cases, it is important to track the actual time spent versus the estimated.
Timesheet in TimeTracker Lite enables you to capture time spent on various activities or projects.
Timesheet is simple, user friendly that allows you to record time, quickly and easily.

Tracking time enables you to identify time consuming activities and analyze time and cost invested.

month view

It gives you the quick overview of time spent during the month.

& more features…


Reports include project summary and other timesheet reports that give you the overall summary of time spent in a project or task. The data in report can be exported to excel.

backup and restore data

TimeTracker Lite has inbuilt backup and restore feature to safeguard your data.

Features of free timesheet India

Benefits of using free timesheet India

100% free for life

This is not a trial version this is FREE version, free for life, which means you do not have any data or period restriction.

single user free

TimeTracker Lite support up to single user for free. Which means you can not only have your but also teams data for free.

unlimited timesheet

Manage unlimited timesheets. There is no restriction on number of timesheet that you can enter in TimeTracker Lite.

does not need internet

You can use TimeTracker Lite without internet, the application and data is locally stored.

no registration

You don’t have to register or share your personal details such as Name, phone number or email to install or use TimeTracker Lite. Simply download, install and get started.

no payment, no credit card

TimeTracker Lite is a free version, and would be free going forward, hence you don’t have to share any of your payment or card details.

no data sharing

We respect your data and believe that you should have full control on it. hence data entered in TimeTracker Lite is your property and are proud to share that it is not shared with anyone including SPINSO team.

Data entered in TimeTracker Lite is safe on your pc or desktop. This data is not shared to anyone, even SPINSO team does not have the access to your data..

windows desktop application

TimeTracker Lite is a windows desktop application, it is robust & faster. It supports almost all editions of windows operating system like Windows 10, 8, 7 & xp.
FAQ for free timesheet India
frequently asked questions
Is this really free?
Yes, TimeTracker Lite is a 100% free product for life.

Do I have to register or share my details to use free edition?
No, you do not have to share personal details or need credit card to use TimeTracker Lite.
Just download, install and get started with the product.


How much data I can enter, is there a lock?
No, there is no lock for data in the system.

Screens for free timesheet India

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Help for free timesheet India


Know all about TimeTracker Lite.

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getting started

Start using TimeTracker Lite with these easy steps.

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hardware requirement
- CPU: 2 GHz+
- RAM: 1 GB (minimum)
- Disk Space: 100 MB (minimum)
- Screen Resolutions: 1024*768

- OS: Microsoft Windows 10, 7, Vista or XP.
- Microsoft Dot Net Framework 2.0 download now

for more features see TimeTracker paid edition

TimeTracker is available in various editions to suit your business needs.

Standard Edition

Manage team timesheet

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Professional Edition

Power packed features with advance analytics

more ›

Enterprise Edition

Complete enterprise timesheet software

more ›

Custom Edition

Customize as per your requirement

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More installation and data storage options

  • Multi pc on LAN
  • On-Premise or Online storage of data
  • VPN
  • Private Cloud
  • Option to Store data on Azure, AWS or Google Cloud

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